As every present moment is unique and can only be lived once, every WES event is different. 
After 2 editions in Mauritius Island, we are delighted to announce our very first edition in Estonia!
Get ready to open your heart and disconnect your mind.
Saturday, April 13th 2024, 2 pm - 8 pm
Põhjala Tehas
Event is in English
We Gather, We Share Stories, We Empower.
The Women Empowerment Summit TALLINN is a 6hrs immersive and interactive event, where speakers, artists and entrepreneurs are invited to express their stories with the intention of creating a collective change in our life.

We bring together women from all over Estonia to celebrate their worth, step into their power, connect, share their voice, and express their wisdom.

The intention behind the WES 2024 is very simple: 
Empower women to step into their power. 

We believe that your story is your power, and that your wounds are wisdom. We all express it in our own unique ways. Through our career, our clothes, our body shapes, our voice, through dancing, singing, speaking, there are infinite possibilities. 

All women have a soul need to express, to develop and blossom in a way that reflects their true authentic selves. This is what the Summit is all about!
Whether you’re new to this journey or are feeling an instinctive calling to step into your power this event has been designed especially for you. It is for every woman who wants to connect to a tribe, reconnect to her power, and leave feeling inspired, empowered and loved.

You can call yourself mothers, sisters, business leaders, artists, students, souls, truth is, we are all of it. 
Women from 19 to 91 attended this year !
All women are invited !

More Than An Event, 
We are a Tribe & a Movement.

More than ever before, we feel a need to connect to a tribe of women to guide us through the seasons and transitions we go through in life : becoming a self-actualized woman, a mother, a business leader. Sharing our journey and connecting through subjects close to us such as motherhood, relationships, love, sex, friendships, business, art, body image, food, well-being, etc…

Because we are all on a journey to understanding and loving ourselves, creating our own path, spreading love, shining our light and building our legacy. – That’s why the Women Empowerment Summit exists in the first place.

By immersing ourselves into a safe space of love, sisterhood and by looking at ourselves through new perspectives, change starts to happen. This allows us to unlock the potential to materialize things into our world.

An immersive experience you will never forget
The only way to know what a WES event is about, is to live it.

 You can get a feel of last years' event through this page, but keep in mind that 2024 will have a brand new taste, new environment, new design, new people, new experience !

 Not too corporate. Not too spiritual. It's the perfect mix of both so we can keep it intimate, safe and empowering.

If this resonates with your heart, we invite you to book your place as we have limited places available.  
Don’t miss this unique chance to join the most anticipated Sisterhood event of this year !



Women sharing their voices
We have mindfully selected women with a strong sense of who they are, and having the wisdom to confess they are still exploring, because we are constantly evolving throughout our lives, it is a process, not a final goal. These women have connected to their voice in their own individual way and will inspire you to reconnect to yours.

Through their unique stories, our speakers will transform the relationship you are having with yourself and others.

Whether it being through singing, dancing, painting, speaking, these women have used their voice to build their career and design a life according to their own terms. And you will too ! These women will share their voice, their story and their message with you.

Im starting to realize that almost all the power I have as a human is stored in my voice. And not only in the context of being a singer, a speaker and a teacher. But more so by just expressing myself and my needs and ideas on a daily basis. It is by making my own brand of beautiful noise that I shape my life. Through saying out loud what I want so the world knows what to give me. By expressing my gratitude and watching it all amplify. By expressing my boundaries so loud and clear that no one can cross them, because I enforce them. When someone is trying to make you feel powerless then your voice is the first thing they will supress. Wether by force or more often than not - manipulating you to believe it holds no power. But your voice is the greatest power you have. When enough voices come together history is made. 
As a happiness teacher and coach I should be happy myself, right? But how to teach happiness and believe in science behind it when I'm unhappy and sad? Am I allowed to be sad or am I hypocritical and false teaching happiness while being unhappy?

Last year has been a total surrendering to me, where most of the time I've been deeply unhappy. I have discovered new layers of happiness, found totally new ways to see this topic and new points to talk. After experiencing total darkness, the light is so much more appreciated and loved.

I'll take you to the road of my personal journey that may resonate with you, dear woman.
I am a wild one, but also a wise one, often a witch, and sometimes a b****.

Beautifully nuanced, whole, and integrated. 

And so is every single one of us, when we dare to explore and acknowledge the identities of our mind, 
these masks we learnt to wear, 
while remembering our core, 
the identity of our soul. 

I'm a weaver, bringing together different parts of ourselves to reveal the powerful women that we all are.
I believe that every person on your path can be a trigger, a question you need to hear, an answer on your journey, 
a mirror to your soul. 

Learning to pay close attention to the experience we are having, to the inner conversations happening will transform the way you relate to the world.
Creative Embodiment - Letting Go of Life and Death
My passion is to empower the connection between the vastness of our Souls and the naturalness of our Bodies. They are the first lovers in our lives.

The quality -
the gentleness
the depth
the lightness
the physicality
the etherealness
the truth
the safety
the inventiveness
the resourcefulness
the courage
the clarity
the purity
- of their (love) relationship is what we experience as Life.

I know what it is to be born, to give birth, and to almost die physically.

Now I am on my way to become a simple flow of life beyond expectations, failures, and success.

Envision a life where passion leads to global travel, immersing oneself in the opulence of the world’s finest spas, and creating unparalleled luxury experiences, all while being supported by a loving husband and a beautiful home. Yet, even in the pursuit of my dream job, I encountered a profound level of burnout that forced me to pause and take a year off. This experience shattered the myth that doing what you love ensures perpetual happiness and success, revealing the harsh truth that devotion to a career can lead to a physical and emotional collapse if it comes at the expense of neglecting oneself. It was through this challenging period that I uncovered a deeper truth: the utmost importance of prioritizing personal health and self-compassion. Only by placing our own well-being at the forefront can we truly dedicate ourselves to our work, our loved ones, and our friendships.
I'm not the quiet kind. Since I was small I've had this exquisite sense for injustice and deception. And this has naturally been accompanied by a daring heart and a fearless voice. It hasn't always been the easiest combination of traits to accept however. In a world full of individualist intrests, it has too often left me feeling hopeless. Hopelessness however has a tendency of turning into anger. And this is - what I'm going to talk to you about.

My anger. Your anger. Our anger. And how anger is actually a beautiful thing, ready to move mountains if you only dear let it. Getting acquainted with your anger is a slippery road not all of us are willing to take. But in order to create real change, we have to be willing to actually being the real change - and anger holds a beautiful place within that space.
I am Anastasia, a photographer who captures the magic between humans and nature. 

What I love most about photography is that I can capture what my eyes see and share it with the world, allowing others to experience what I feel. Photography is my way of expressing myself and connecting with others.

I love to describe myself as a cosmic dancer because every time I close my eyes, I see my dreams and goals as stars flowing around the universe. I feel the need to embrace my own dreams so I can dance among the stars. I believe that anything is possible, and when we can imagine something, we can make it happen. Creation is the manifestation of our imagination. Soooo let’s keep dreaming and dancing.
As a photographer I believe that every woman is a story waiting to be captured.

Combining the temporal and the eternal I get inspired by deep relationships, authenticity, and a desire to allow a glimpse beyond the surface through trust and held space. This way more than just a face is captured on camera. 

The powerful presence of intimacy and a vulnerable, honest gaze towards humanity are the consistent elements in my photographic records.

I feel that images possess a power to start conversations with you. And what you hear them saying is a reflection of your own self. Look with a calm mind and listen carefully.
Hi, my name is Hanna-Liis!

I believe that movement is life and life is movement.

So, I'm on a deep journey to find more ease, joy, grace and presence in the way I move in life and teaching others to do the same.

I always feel that I'm not doing enough and that my body is working against me. I always feel that I can't move forward in life as quickly as I would like to.

So, that's what I'm learning in this life.

To slow down and gently connect with my body. To truly listen to my body. To love and accept my body. To feel at home in my body.
My interest and research in the health field started when I was 14. I realized how we don't often understand the power in our choices and awareness, hence we give away the responsibility. Naturally, I started questioning everything in my quest of finding out what truly is HEALTHY, real and important. I read hundreds of books and founded several student firms trying to bring my current knowledge of health to people. But they were all too complicated...

In 2019, I realized that everything comes down to the little things - how you do anything is how you do everything. And Not Your Average superfood coffees were born. It's not just coffee, it's a possibility to choose your wellbeing. Without compromises. Even with little things like coffee - we do it every day, so let's make sure it's as good as it gets for us! For me, this means mould- and toxin-tested and with superfoods. After 4 years of working with NYA, I know for a fact that the people who care to choose superfood coffee, also are conscious about their nutrition, fitness and relationships. 

I am truly grateful every single day to do this work while being surrounded by a like-minded health community and constantly learning about myself and the world. Thank you for being here!
I am learning to accept myself as I am. Learning to hold my darkness the same way as my light. And I think that is also my main intention as an artist. I want to make people feel seen, held, and understood. The most important realization for me this year has been that we can’t force ourselves to be different or ahead of our time. Just like winter cannot be forced to be summer. Nature gracefully teaches us patience and assures us that our time to flourish is destined.
Art has provided a way for me to work with my subconscious. Through visuals and words, I get closer to myself. I am just beginning to explore my wildest dreams and understand my purpose in this life, but I know I can always rely on my heart and intuition for guidance.

Self love & healing through heartbreak
In a world that often prioritizes thinking over feeling, it’s time to shift our focus back to the power of our hearts and soul. 
Join me on a journey of self-love and healing as we explore the profound connection we have with ourselves.
We’ve been taught to navigate life with our minds, but true resilience lies in our ability to hold ourselves through tough times. 
When we learn to embrace our pain and grief, we discover a strength within that makes us unshakable.
I’ve learned that being alone doesn’t equate to loneliness; it’s a sacred space for self-discovery and growth.
And by embracing solitude, I’ve found a new, deep appreciation for my own company, which I wish every woman could experience. 
Let’s come together to explore the transformative power of self-love and holding ourselves through heartbreak, pain and grief. Because when we learn to hold ourselves, we become unstoppable forces of love, light and healing.
My whole life I have been suppressed to not show my feelings and emotions. but bringing them out and showing people who I really am has helped me in my career, as well as with friends and acquaintances. it’s what makes me me.

I create and at the same time bring feelings to other people with my creations. I usually express in my work what I am feeling at that moment in life. I have learnt that showing myself and not hiding will make people happy.

I like to make people feel things that they don’t normally feel. so with my singing, acting, cocktails and management I want people to feel my presence. I have so many outlets where I can show and pour out my creativity, and letting out my creations is like an outburst of feelings.

I love happy people but some times you need to feel the hard feelings to understand how happy you actually are or can be.


Astrid will be taking you on a beautiful journey by crafting cocktails initiating a conversation within every single one of you 🤍
When a woman believes in the dream of another, anything is possible! This event would not exist without you Steveli, holding the space for us to express ourselves, having a team of passionate people setting up the whole sound system and lighting throughout the venue, creating a unique and fully immersive experience ! 

She'll also take you on a vibing journey through her music !
Each person remembers some sentences or incidents from childhood vividly. For me, one sentence my aunt said stands out clearly: « Look how beautifully you breathe, with your belly. »

This memory resurfaced for me years ago after meeting a healer in Bali. When I asked what kind of other practices I should adopt, the response was: « Just breathe. »

Half of my life, I’ve been interested in therapy, mindfulness, bodywork techniques, and healthy eating, constantly learning and experiencing.

Few years ago Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) came into my life. It’s sometimes unbelievable how releasing suppressed emotions and traumas changes a person.

I believe in collaboration, in the body’s ability to heal itself, in supporting one another, and in the idea that we are meant to live joyfully.
We all have the opportunity to change the lives of ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, our fellow citizens and all of humanity for the better. My mission is to do this with a good word, because I am convinced that words save lives. It saved my life.

As a child, I wrote poems and dreamt about a world lead by kind people. It started with these two words : 
thank you.

In 2009, I reached a point where I did not want to live anymore. I came back to life and realized that I was ready to accept myself as I really am.

I created a good news portal with the intention to spread good words, good news, to inspire kindness. 

At first, people laughed.
In ten years, my dreams came true. And so will yours.

Now, I want to reach every home in Estonia with 
GOOD MESSAGES. One child at a time.

Phére, inspired by the simplicity and beauty of nature around us, encourages a closer connection with local flora and fauna. Through our exhibition, Phére invites you to rediscover the natural treasures found in your own surroundings—flowers, plants, and elements of the world just outside your door. Phére's mission is to make people think about the ephemerality of fresh flowers and lead them to appreciate the lasting charm of dried plants instead. This shift in perspective encourages individuals to discover beauty and meaning in what may initially appear lifeless.

Phére inspireerituna meid ümbritseva looduse lihtsusest ja ilust juhatab teed looma tihedamat sidet kohaliku flora ja faunaga. Eesmärk on innustada inimesi taasavastama enda ümbruskonnas leiduvat looduse ilu – lilli, taimi ning teisi looduslikke elemente. Phére tahab suunata inimesi mõtlema värskete lillede kaduvuse üle ning juhatama teed hoopis kuivatatud taimede kestva võlu juurde. See vaatenurga muutus julgustab inimesi avastama ilu ja tähendust selles, mis võib esialgu näida elutuna. 
Freelance florist decorator. Flower and design enthusiast and provocateur with the stage name Bad Taste Florist. BTF promotes the limitless power and beauty of nature while seeking unexpected combinations of classic approaches and bold choices. Believes that the author's ideas and feelings are the core of every creative object and those must be sincerely expressed, both in the smallest flower bouquet and in a large project.

Vabakutseline florist-dekoraator. Lille- ja disaini valdkonna entusiast ja provokaator lavanimega Bad Taste Florist. BTF propageerib looduse piiramatu jõudu ja ilu, otsides samal ajal ootamatu kombinatsioone klassikalisest lähenemisest ja julgetest valikutest. Usub, et autori ideed ja tunded on iga loomingulise objekti tuum ning neid tuleb siiralt väljendada nii väikseimas lillekimbus kui ka suures projektis.
Women sharing their craft
Every year, we co-create the event with women who are honoring themselves, their talent, their story and their craft. Entrepreneurs, artists, women from very different backgrounds, who dared giving birth to their vision, materializing their ideas into a business of their own. 

We are honored to introduce and display their craft to you, so that you can connect with genuine women-owned businesses in Estonia, products and services with a story and a soul, and get inspired yourself by the infinite possibilities that exists when contemplating your own journey. 

WES is all about introducing who you are, your story and your craft to the world.

For this first edition, by coming to WES, you are given the space to share your creations to the community by being added to the WESbook of Womenpreneurs. 

Whether you are an artist who wants to display her craft, or have created a genuine product or service that you would like all the women in Estonia to be aware of, we make it possible ! 

Networking? No. We call it Sisterhood !

We are all about empowering and collective visibility for a better society.


What happens at the Women Empowerment Summit Tallinn? 

A full Saturday afternoon dedicated to self empowerment and self love. We start at 2 pm and finish at 8 pm ! You will be allocated to sections of the space inside, with opportunities to move your body, sit on the floor or on chairs, so wear comfortable clothes that you feel good and shine in! These 6 full hours will be powerful and fun, but you’ll also be going through internal work, so feel rested, be prepared to get honest with yourself.

What do we need to bring ?

 Bring yourself as you are – and a journal and pen – because you may feel like writing all these inspiring teachings you will hear. A drink will be included but you may want to bring a bottle of water with you. We will have a no food no shoes policy, but you’ll understand why there! Wear something you feel comfortable in, and layers in case you get cold!

Will I have to share my own story?

You define your boundaries ! Speakers and partners will be sharing their stories and wisdom, and ask you questions that you can write in your journal to spend some time answering at your convenience. You will have some time to connect with all the women joining us, and feel free to open up if it feels right for you ! You may build strong sisterhoods and partnerships during this event !

Do you have disabled access and facilities?

Yes, our space is huge and DDA compliant. Feel free to reach out if you have any special request and our team will help you out.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

All ticket sales are full and final and no refunds will be given. 

Wait, I still have more questions!

Email at tribe.wes@gmail.com and we will be sure to answer them! 
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